With this you can get aerial shots by throwing your gopro.

AER – Throw your GoPro®


AER lets you shoot aerial photos and videos, simply by throwing your GoPro, it is encapsulated in a dart and you simply have to throw it in the air and it gets the areal shots you want if you have a good aim


AER is a device that resembles a Nerf football, which allows you to take aerial shots on your GoPro. It’s easy to set up, portable, waterproof, and durable. Compatible with GoPro models HERO 3+, 4, and 5, it’s a fresh take on a genre of videography that was once out of price point for the average adventurer.


The AER is a great alternative for any GoPro enthusiast looking for the cool overhead shots offered by drones, but without the danger, high cost, and elaborate setup. It can be thrown across terrain that is usually perilous for drone flights, such as in forests or down snowboarding trails. Because it floats, it can capture wake-boarding shots and then be safely retrieved from the water without damage to the AER or the GoPro.


Though it lacks the smooth finesse of the more expensive drone videography, the AER allows you to capture shots that would be difficult to obtain even with a drone (due to obstructions or water risk). It is an easy way to get epic selfies from overhead, or capture a quick action clip. The design allows for a complete, unobstructed wide-angle shot while still always protecting your camera from impact. The set-up is a basic three steps: pop the camera into the head, slide the wings together, and screw the base to the tail. It includes a travel bag to keep your AER and GoPro organized.


It’s a solid, simple design that is well executed and opens a new demographic to an already popular market.