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Don’t pay until after Kickstarter pays you.

Best of all… You don’t have to pay until after your campaign is funded!
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Why do we offer Kickstarter Marketing? Gadget Feed started as a marketing service specifically for Kickstarters after failing our own campaign. We had a brilliant idea that we spent months building. We put our entire savings into the prototypes and media for our page, we even sold our car to cover costs. When it came time to launch our marketing investor fell through and we had a launch with no funds for marketing. We spent the month contacting marketing services explaining our situation but there wasn’t a service that could help. We fell short of our goal and lost everything.

You’re in such a unique place right now, because you likely have very little funds left. However, you’re 30 days from receiving $50,000+ from Kickstarter. What if there was a way to receive all your marketing up front for free & then pay for it after you receive your $50,000 from Kickstarter. We’ll were happy to say there is now a marketing solution.