Grow with this light

The Aspect

The Aspect is an LED grow light designed to add both beauty and functionality to your home. It was designed to provide the proper spectrum of light in order to help plants thrive, in a fixture that will enhance the decor of the room instead of being an eyesore.


It comes in white and black, with 17 different cord choices and a lampshade hook to customize. The Aspect is available in two different wattage strengths. The 20 watt bulb is perfect for partial sun plants like houseplants, herbs, spices, succulents, flowers, and some bonsai’s. The 40 watt bulb is designed for full sun plants such as cannabis, tomatoes, peppers, citrus trees, and fruiting plants. It is also possible to order a commercial High Yield package of 160 watts. The High Yield commercial packages come in a amber spectrum of lighting, instead of the white lighting that is more preferable for decor purposes. Both are specifically formulated to provide plants with the spectrum of light that will best suit them, and enable them to flourish.


The bulbs are manufactured to achieve a lifespan of over 90,000 hours, making them much more long-lasting than other options available on the market. That quality is what they are hoping will draw customers despite the initial higher buy-in price. They cover the Aspect with a 3 year warranty. Another plus is the much more aesthetically appealing white spectrum of LED lighting, which is a relief from the shades of purple and red light that have been commonly used in the past for grow lights.


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