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      RuuviTag is a sensor beacon that can be used for several different purposes. It can act as a standard Eddystone/iBeacon proximity beacon but it has the potential to be so much more. By having a way to measure temperature, humidity, air pressure and acceleration it’s possible to cover several use cases. And no need […]

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    C2 4-in-1 Alarm Clock With Wireless Bed Shaker

    Got problems with waking up early morning? Worry not! C2’s here to help you on time for any appointment. HomTime team gathered up the feedback from thousands of C1 customers and brainstormed into making C2 more advanced and awesome. Let’s check out the cool new features of this prototype. • Wireless Bed Shaker – a […]

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    Jeffrie, The smart mailbox

    Meet your parcel guard Jeffrie powered by the world’s leading carrier, FedEx. The alarming rise of package theft in the United States caught the team’s attention to make Jeffrie. Over a survey online with 1000 people, 72% are bothered with their valuables stolen. So in order to stop the increasing count of the crime, Jeffrie […]

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    Shaving, worries on razor bumps, and hiding zits are some of the things that keep men away from their priorities. Not to mention this common issue among men affects their confidence. This team has decided to invest in men’s facial care system as they knew how hard it is to find a perfect solution for […]

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    Love taking videos of yourself while doing something cool? Here’s a project introducing the most advanced stabilizer for either your phone or your action camera. It’s auto-track, motion time-lapse, panorama, long exposure, and easy to use video function features are best for people who’s always on the go! You can easily switch from upright position […]

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