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    VIPER 360

    The Viper 360 is an awesome new Cell phone holder like nothing before. The Versatile Docking Project started in 2014 to provide a way to keep both hands productive and available in your everyday life. It is perfect for people who cant use their hands but want to have their phone accessible wherever they are. […]

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    Consumer Data Protection

    Cryptostripe is a data management tool designed by privacy advocates to give individual users peace of mind storing documents, protecting their personal information and data from prying eyes around the world. The software Cryptostripe is developing allows users to connect with different cloud providers and stripe their data across multiple servers. This ensures data will […]

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    You can now have an automatic tree fixation

    There are so many Christmas trees around the world, and during Christmas most families celebrate by putting up a tree. If your in that family every year its the same, you go pick out your tree and bring it home and you feel excited and ready for the season. One problem that HTX ran into […]

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    How This Gadget Brews Coffee Anywhere

    The idea came to fruition when Logan was walking to class with a bottle of water in his backpack. By the time he reached his destination his coffee was cold. After seeing all of his classmates with Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks he wondered, “why can’t I take this bottle of water and just brew a […]

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